There Go I

People cryin' in the night
Bent and damaged, but we can’t be broken
How we're treated, it ain’t right
Truer words were never spoken here

Feel the rumbling at your feet
As we march into the street
Hear the thunder as we roar
We won’t take it anymore

We all struggle to provide
Look around you, the dream has faded
We've been taken for a ride
And all of our future has been degraded here

See the ocean start to rise
This tidal wave is no surprise
We’ll no longer be ignored
The ship is here, so get on board

Now it’s time we realize
Join together, stand united
Learn the art of compromise
Shoulder to shoulder we're undivided here

I found the path I’m gonna use
Walk in someone else’s shoes
Put my ego on a shelf
Love my neighbor as myself
Though it’s hard for me to see
Confront my own hypocrisy
Gonna share my piece of pie
But for God’s grace, there go I


Steve Kramer: Songwriter

Byron Fry: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Arrangement, Production, Engineering and Mixing

Carmel Helene: Vocals

Brandon Fields: Saxes

Bill Churchville: Trumpets

Nick Lane: Trombones

Jay Setar: Drums

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