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Goog's Greatest Hits

World Cup

My harshest critic, Bruce Greenberg, has yet to give me a thumbs up on any of my musical creations... until now! Thanks to Byron Fry and Jay Setar for bringing this monster to life.

Watch and listen to the most fun thing you'll hear all day.

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There Go I

There have been quite a few protests these past few years and it seems our country is increasingly divided. I wrote this song to acknowledge some of the issues and make an individual commitment to behave more thoughtfully.

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My Turn to Shine

This one sprang to life in February as the product of two unrelated events: my son's school play and a reconnaissance mission through his Instagram feed. We received notice that his school was casting for "High School Musical," so we rented and watched the movie hoping we could talk him into participating. He wasn't having it, even though he had great experiences with musical theater before he became a teenager. Around the same time, while scouring his social media for objectionable content, I came across some melancholic messages from a few of his friends. Reading them gave me long forgotten perspective on navigating the challenges of teenage friendships, and within an hour or so, this song wrote itself as a teen musical number.

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The Summer's Gone

As my son wades through his wonder years, it reminds me of my own adolescence. My favorite memory was a sleepover with Danny Gibson in his camper. We stayed up late listening to the Beach Boys and confessing our crushes. Of course, we never had the courage to act on them, and that's what inspired me to write this cautionary ditty for my son. So, have a listen... maybe it will take you back, too.

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Waiting for You

Here's an early Happy Mother's Day to Jeanette Kramer who's love, devotion and determination shows everyday in our son's character and accomplishments. We had a long and difficult path to parenthood, but good things come to those who wait, and we couldn't be happier.

So I made this song and video to express our feelings, and, in the process, seemed to have run out of Kleenex.

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Those Memories

Were she still alive, tomorrow would have been my mother's 80th birthday. Always thoughtful, loving and kind, she managed to raise three boys who adored her and worked to make her proud.

Over twenty years ago, my brother, Jack, wrote lyrics to music I had written twenty years before that. My brother from another mother, Eric, helped us create this piece to remember my dear mom.

Play the video to hear the song and see some embarrassing family photos.

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It Sure is Short

I wrote this to remember my big brother who passed away March 17, 2011. Accompanying me on the upright bass is my niece (my brother's daughter), Barbara.

The song gets its name from one of his favorite sayings, "It's not that big around, but it sure is short!" It's 51 seconds long, one for each year of his short life.

He was a caring brother, a loyal friend, an amazing father, the coolest uncle, and I miss him everyday.

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I wrote this one in 1986 and it feels great to finally have it recorded.

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Twenty Bucks

I wrote this for Jeanette in 1997 as a ten year wedding anniversary gift.

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Girls of DeMille

Here's one for the girls in Cecil B. DeMille Junior High School's class of '77

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