Edge Of My World

The needle surfs
A vinyl wave
Riding a groove
To set the mood

The sounds I hear
Flow through my ears
To the corners of my mind

Take me beyond
The edge of my world
You lit a flame and set my soul on fire

Burning more brightly
Than ever before
A shooting star
In the dark of a winter's night

The spiral's got me
The whirlpool spins
And pulls me in

I catch my breath
And close my eyes
Swirling in the sound

Take me beyond
The edge of my world
You lit a flame and set my soul on fire

Burning more brightly
Than ever before
A shooting star
In the dark of a winter's night

From peaks to valleys
Sky to sea
Traveling through
These melodies

I had no voice
But now I’m free
Singing a song of my own

Take me beyond
The edge of my world
You lit a flame and set my soul on fire

Burning more brightly
Than ever before
A shooting star
In the dark of a winter's night


Steve Kramer: Songwriter

Byron Fry: Guitars, Bass, Arrangement and Production

Tony Galla: Lead Vocal

Tita Hutchison: Background Vocals

Larry Antonino: Background Vocals

Bill Churchville: Flugelhorn

Nick Lane: Trombone

Dan Potruch: Drums


This is wild, the biggest stumble upon to date. great stuff

Thomas Bui

omg i randomly stumbled across the site since my butterfingers had me typing goog instead of Google & i can't get myself to leave. ?


Nice music you have a great talent


nice music


Yo this is fire for just trying to google


Honestly good music. Fun find.


I stumbled upon this by misspelling google when I was high. This is the greatest day of my life




Good Song


I'm dead sick and late for a trial court date and I hate how much I appreciate accidentally ending up here. I went to Google the court house number but it decided to play me this number. Hope I don't end up with an inmate number.

Trevor Magee


Abel Danladi

Hey, This is fire!

Ryan Renolds

GREAT STUFF!!! i just mispelled google and stumble here. awesomeness


goog better than google no cappers steve on toppity


This is cool beans


meant to find google, found you instead. Heck yeah bro!

John H

Best. Typo. Ever. My weekend is set..!! Set, macha, set!

Uday Shankar

I don't know if this goog name was intentional but smart marketing since it happens you mispell google. So far the music is great, so random though but that's the great part of it haha! Saved on favorite website

A random Swede

Same as everyone else 💀 but this is amazing 🥴😎 Kia Ora from Aotearoa New Zealand 🙌🏼🤙🏽 29.9.2023


找谷歌结果敲错门了,那么就来这里听听音乐,喝杯咖啡。 If you search on Google and knock on the wrong door, come here to listen to music and drink a cup of coffee.


This is a lucky URL to have. Wonder if he will add a link to spotify or something to get more lsiteners


Cheerful Namaskaarams & Pleasant Greetings. Simply mistyped Google as Goog followed by keyboard shortcut CTRL+ENTER & Et Voila! Et Voici! What a pleasant surprise to have come across this website. Deeply Grateful to Steve Kramer / Goog for your lovely music. Keep up the great work. Do post more of your compositions. Thanks

Shekhar J. Karanje



Goog, thank you so much, your music brightened my day


What a cool artist! As my hero, THE Lightning McQueen would say, Ka-CHOW!!!

Joseph Mother

Still can't stop listening. Please put this on Spotify!

Ryan Reynolds

hahahahaha mükemmel mükemmel mükemmel! yazdığım en harika yazım yanlışıydı. Translation from Turkish: hahahahaha perfect perfect perfect! It was the greatest typo I've ever written.


nice music

goog enjoyer

太摇滚了,无意点进这个网站却离不开了 Translation from Chinese: It's so rock 'n' roll, I accidentally clicked on this website but couldn't leave it.


Missing a few letters while typing a URL can lead you to even greater things like the "Edge of My World". Amazing music!

Arjun Menaria

Let’s goooooo

lol wut

Wtf, I just mistyped google.com and ended up discovering this masterpiece


My life was empty until I found Goog. The divorce is being finalized but I feel okay.

Peter Zaparti

wow accidently found this and i'm glad


I got this while trying to access Google.com 😀


Same.. I assumed my browser would autofill the rest so typed "goog" ctl+ enter.. this is the best stumble ever!

Stern (from SL)

Goog Man speaks to me. The Goog has infiltrated my soul. I am cured of all diseases. Blessed. Thank you Goog, very nice :)

Goog Man

I entered a random link and found this site. It's awesome!


ended up here on pure accident but it now feel like i was supposed to be here


That's Very Amazing Collection I Hope You can contact me for a collaboration.


google.com, googl.com, goog.com 😲 Amazing track! ♥


Yeap, just trying to Google like everyone else, glad I cannot write properly haha I will save this. You should put it out there, tried to Shazam it but no info was available. Amazing song!!!!


very very goog*


very very goog 😊

shooting star

For once I'm glad I turned off autocorrect

Osamu Dazai

thank you! :D stumbled upon this website by typing goog ctrl+enter instead of google ctrl+enter ~mwehehehe please keep this website :D


I think Google has a serious competitor now


Man these songs would be great to have on Spotify



alpha beta

Very interesting


damn it is surprisingly nice music lol

fat joe

Dear GOD/GODS and/or anyone else who can HELP ME (e.g. TIME TRAVELERS or MEMBERS OF SUPER-INTELLIGENT ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS): The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN formerly of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD (see attached photo) and keep it that way FOREVER. I am so sick of this chubby balding Asian man body! Thank you! - CHAUL JHIN KIM (a.k.a. A DESPERATE SOUL)

Chaul Jhin Kim

oops sorry i just realized there is no photo so just ignore the (see attached photo) part. anyway congrats Steve on managing to get such a cool domain name. I like many others stumbled onto your site while looking for the other site and your music is fantastic. good work! - chaul jhin

Chaul Jhin Kim (again)

NAHHHHHHHH my brother just tried to type google and then accidentally hit return and he found this website 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


your voice is fun man, awesome writing, great stuff!


구글을 검색하려다가 이 사이트를 방문했습니다. 노래가 아주 듣고 좋네요 감사합니다. I came across this site while trying to search on Google. I really like the song. Thank you.

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