Breakin' Outa My Chains

Inside this cage
Can’t hide the rage I feel inside
Like a powder keg
Sittin’ on a bed of dynamite

Boilin’ in my veins
Howling at the full moon out tonight
Can’t take the pain
Don’t think I’ll see the morning light

I’m breakin’ outa my chains
And bursting into flight

Everyday’s the same
I’m about to lose my stressed out mind
It’s a waitin’ game
My clock is almost outa time

Stuck here in a cave
Like someone buried me alive
Like an early grave
Gotta dig and claw my way outside

I’m breakin’ outa my chains
And bursting into flight


Steve Kramer: Songwriter

Byron Fry: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Arrangement, Production, Engineering and Mixing

Carmel Helene: Vocals

Nick Seiwert: Drums

Gregg Olson: Mastering


Unlike Sonic, I don't chuckle. I'd rather flex my muscles


I accidentaly typed instead of google I thought the domain would auto correct it but its not. Your music is so good, glad to be accidentaly here!

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