Our Way Home

As children we played in the park everyday
The summer shined ‘til the end
Then autumn’s breeze blew through the trees
We scattered like leaves in the wind

There’s an ache in my heart since we grew apart
Feelin’ betrayed and alone
I hope one day
We find our way home

The air hadn’t cleared when winter appeared
We huddled in packs of our own
Avoiding each other, ducking for cover
The birds of summer had flown

I need to let go of this weight that I hold
I tow it wherever I go
I hope that someday
We find our way home

Spring thawed the ice in Fool’s Paradise
Exposing my share of the blame
There’s unfinished business of pride and forgiveness
I wonder if you feel the same

If there’s room in our hearts for a fresh new start
And we all know that we’ve grown
Then isn’t it time
To find our way home

Come walk with me
Let’s find our way home


Steve Kramer: Songwriter

Byron Fry: Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Arrangement, Production, Engineering and Mixing

Larry Antonino: Vocals

Leah Zeger: Violin

Melinda Gibson: Mastering

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